TEFAL Fresh Express Max MB8135

Fresh Express Max MB8135 From starter to desert !
  • Five maxi cones : fine grater, fine slicer, potato shredder, coarse grater and ice crusher.

Eating vegetables every day, in large quantities, is made easy with Fresh Express Max.

It's ideal for preparing your meal from starter to desert to your family or friends. Thanks to its maxi performance, allowing to cut up to 2 kg of vegetables per minute, it's easy to prepare large fresh salads, reibekuchen or ice crush desert in no time ! With five maxi cones, two speeds and a higher power, you will enjoy using Fresh Express Max for efficient results.

  • A wide dimension for a maximum of output.
  • Extra wide feeding tube, no need to cut your ingredients into small pieces.
  • Preparations are directly falling into your plate.
  • Normal speed and Turbo function.
  • Drum easily ejected after using the appliance.
  • Integrated storage of the cones.
  • Easy way to store the appliance.

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