CRISPYBAKE SILICONE MOLDS The best of silicone for perfectly even baking and up to 2x crispier cakes!*

The Tefal Crispybake silicone mold features a double-patented design made of high-resistance 100% platinum silicone to ensure perfectly even baking and irresistibly mouth-watering crispy results. Experience the best of silicone for all your favorite cakes, with ergonomic handles and a ridig ring for maximum comfort and peace-of-mind.

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Tefal Crispybake silicone cake mold


Delivering perfectly even baking results with up to 2x the crunch, the Tefal Crispybake silicone mold produces irresistibly mouth-watering cakes. Double-patented technology—for both the bottom dimples and micro-perforations—ensures exceptional air diffusion, for all the convenience of baking with silicone with that unmistakable golden-brown crunch of freshly-baked desserts. Enjoy your molds, with ergonomic handles and ridig rings for more comfortable baking with total ease and peace-of-mind. Rounding off the perfect silicone mold package is high-quality materials, with 100% platinum silicone engineered for maximum resistance and flexibility.  

* compared to Proflex molds.



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  • Perfectly even results with up to 2x the crunch*

    Achieve perfectly even results and flawless golden-brown madeleines with twice the crunch, for mouth-watering results that are sure to satisfy the entire family.

    *compared to Proflex molds.

    Except for : tart, macaroon baking mat, square cake, loaf pan, round cake and baking mat.



  • Excellent baking with maximum air diffusion

    An enhanced, double-patented design—for dimples and micro-perforations—achieves exceptional air diffusion for impeccably even baking results and that irresistibly crispy finish.

  • Comfortable and safe handling

    Ensuring effortless carry and total peace-of-mind, this baking pan has been designed with ergonomic handles and a metallic ring for maximum comfort.


  • Long-lasting performance and convenience

    Experience the best of both worlds, with the convenience, flexibility and easy clean-up of 100% platinum silicone, engineered at an impeccable standard of quality for perfect results and exceptional resistance.

  • Tefal: World #1 in Cookware*

    Only Tefal works as hard to guarantee perfect cooking results. One more reason to choose Tefal. *Independent panel 2016 data, brand value sales, cookware category definition

  • Easy-to-store  

    Silicone molds with collapsible feature allowing to make the highest molds totally flat to win up to 60% space (cake 24cm -round cake 24cm -9 muffins 30x29cm -square cake 23x23cm).



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