RESOURCE Performance & Sustainability

Discover the Tefal Resource range, where eco-responsibility meets excellence in cookware. Featuring the best in cooking technology, its environmentally friendly design is made from 100% recycled aluminum*. A dramatic reduction in manufacturing waste that helps us protect the environment - one pan at a time!

*Body 100% recycled aluminum

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Tefal Resource: Made with the environment in mind!

With Tefal Resource pots and pans, eco-responsibility meets Tefal cooking expertise. Durable and resistant, Resource pots & pans feature a high-quality Titanium Extra non-stick coating, as well as a non-stick exterior coating, for convenient cooking and extra-easy cleaning. Compatible with all stovetops, including induction, they are designed and manufactured with both you and the environment in mind: made from 100% recycled aluminum, the Resource range boasts 90% less production waste, helping us protect the environment - one pan at a time! Tefal, the #1 cookware brand worldwide*, works hard to guarantee perfect cooking results and high-quality, long-lasting products. Our commitment to preserving our planet's health means all our products are recyclable and eco-friendly. Plus, our pots and pans are designed and manufactured in France - another reason to choose Tefal!

*TITANIUM PRO coating lasts up to 2x longer than Tefal TITANIUM FORCE coating

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  • 100% recycled aluminum

    Ultra eco-friendly, for a 90% reduction in its carbon footprint*.
    *Recycled aluminum compared to new aluminum extraction

  • TITANIUM PRO non-stick coating: lasts up to 2 times longer

    The high-quality non-stick coating is extra durable and resistant thanks to an ultra-reinforced mineral layer and a protective coating enhanced with Titanium particles.

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  • Our commitment: Cooking healthy, thinking eco-friendly.

    We aim to make long-lasting products that you will use for a very long time, while preserving our planet's health, thanks to recyclable products with a safe non-stick coating (no PFOA, no lead, no cadmium).

  • Tefal: World #1 in Cookware*


    Only Tefal goes to such lengths to guarantee perfect cooking results. One more reason to choose Tefal.
    * Independent panel 2016 data, brand value sales, cookware category definition


  • Made in France

    These pots and pans are designed and manufactured in France

  • Non-stick exterior coating

    Easy cleaning and convenient cooking

  • All hobs + induction

    Compatible with gas, electric, ceramic and induction stovetops

  • Glass lid

    For easy monitoring

  • Thermo-Spot®

    Thermo-Spot®  -for pans only- turns full red when the pan has reached the ideal temperature for searing, guaranteeing perfect texture, perfect color and perfect flavor, for delicious full-flavored meals every day

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Kiöntőperem CSAK EDÉNYEK  
Belső bevonat neve TITANIUM PRO  
Külső bevonat/kivitel TAPADÁSMENTES BEVONAT  
Belső bevonat színe FEKETE  
Belső bevonat/kivitel TAPADÁSMENTES  
Nyél típusa Rögzített  
Sütőben is használható IGEN, 175°C-IG (beleértve AZ ÜVEG FEDŐKET)  
Mosogatógépben mosható IGEN, de csak a fedők és a kiegészítők  
Belső bevonat neve - edények TITANIUM EXTRA  

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