COOK & COOL Keep cool and cook safe

The Tefal Cook & Cool pots and pans set brings together robust, high-quality materials with features designed for maximum safety and comfort. Soft-touch stay-cool silicone handles help you master delicious recipes with total ease and peace-of-mind, with a solid and secure grip that stays cool to the touch even after hours of use, while highly durable stainless steel ensures years of long-lasting performance.

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Tefal Cook & Cool pots and pans set: peace-of-mind

Designed for maximum durability, the Tefal Cook & Cool pots and pans set offers an easier and more enjoyable cooking experience with total peace-of-mind. Soft-touch stay-cool silicone handles ensure stress-free cooking, staying cool to the touch with no risk of burning even after hours of use. Cooking versatile, mouth-watering meals is made effortless with the perfect cookware range for everyday use and special occasions with family and friends. Discover a pots and pans set that's built to last, with high-quality engineering featuring extremely durable materials and extra-resistant riveted stainless steel handles. With a variety of features designed to make cooking easier and more efficient—from highly visible measuring marks to anti-slip handles that offer the perfect grip—Cook & Cool makes the perfect addition to any kitchen.
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  • Premium quality stainless steel: 10-year guarantee

    Master the art of cooking with peace of mind, thanks to a 10-year warranty covering the very best in rust-proof stainless steel and expert manufacturing, for maximum robustness, durability and cooking pleasure with no risk of damage over time.

  • Ultra-safe stay-cool handles

    Enhanced stay-cool handles provide total peace-of-mind, always staying cool to the touch without any risk of burning even after hours of use, while an anti-slip design offers the perfect grip with full security.

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  • Our commitment: Cooking healthy, thinking eco-friendly

    Our aim is to make durable products that last for years, while simultaneously preserving our planet's health through recyclable designs and safe non-stick coatings (no PFOA, no lead, no cadmium) (on frypans only).

  • Tefal: World #1 in Cookware*

    Only Tefal works as hard to guarantee perfect cooking results. One more reason to choose Tefal.
    *Independent panel 2016 data, brand value sales, cookware category definition

  • Hob compatibility: All hobs + induction

    Compatible with all stovetops, including induction (gas, electric, ceramic, induction).

  • Perfect searing with THERMO-SPOT® technology

    Thermo-Spot® (on frypans only) turns full red when the pan has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing. It guarantees perfect texture, perfect color and perfect taste, for delicious full-flavored meals every day.

  • Easy to use and easy to clean

    The high-quality Titanium non-stick coating (on frypans only) is extra durable and resistant, thanks to an ultra-reinforced mineral layer and a protective coating enhanced with titanium particles.

  • Accurate cooking with total ease

    Highly-visible integrated measuring marks (on stewpots only) offer accurate cooking with total ease and convenience.

  • Perfectly-even cooking results

    The extra-thick, high-impact bonded base prevents deformation over time, guaranteeing even heat diffusion for delicious, homogenously cooked results.

  • Robust and secure design

    Extra-resistant rivets ensure a secure and robust no-gap handle, for improved product life and long-lasting performance.

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